3 secret treks in North India.?

secret treks in North

With its Himalayan landscapes, an almost untouched wild nature and trekking trails very little frequented by tourists, Northern India is a real playground for trekkers! From the Markha Valley to the foot of Kanchenjunga via Bara Bhangal, we make you discover 3 secret treks of North India to get off the beaten track and discover India as you have never seen it!

1. Markha Valley

 3 secret treks in North India

Head to the Ladakh region for a trek in the Markha Valley . Remained almost intact and unexplored by men for several years, this region is a vast wildlife sanctuary that will delight all nature lovers. During the trek, the luckiest may be able to see the famous snow leopard but also marmots, vultures or mountain goats. Nicknamed “Little Tibet”, this region is also known as one of the last in India where Tibetan Buddhism is still practiced. The opportunity to discover this Buddhist culture and to immerse yourself in the local culture by taking a few breaks during hikes to visit remote monasteries…

Go for this beautiful trek with our Markha Valley Trekking Tour .

2. At Kanchenjunga Base

 3 secret treks in North India

How about approaching the third highest mountain in the world? To do this, we suggest a trek that will take you to the foot of the famous Kanchenjunga . The route will take you through sublime landscapes between green meadows and alpine meadows, Rhododendron forests, turbulent torrents and breathtaking views of the peaks of this region located east of the Himalayas in northern India. You will also have the opportunity to discover some remote villages as well as the splendid glacial lake of Samiti perched at an altitude of 4330 meters surrounded by prayer flags and where the largest snow-capped peaks including Pandim are reflected there. The highest point of this trek is the Col de Goecha La located at 4,940 meters above sea level below the giant Kanchenjunga which rises to 8,586 meters above sea level.

You too can approach the third highest mountain in the world with the trek to the base of Kanchenjunga

3. Bara Bhangal

 3 secret treks in North India

If you are looking for a trek that takes you to the unknown regions of the Himalayas , this itinerary is for you! Indeed, it allows you to reach one of the most remote villages in India: Bara Bhangal . You will cross forests and meadows covered with wild alpine flowers, valleys, glaciers, various waterways as well as remote villages. Once you arrive at the famous Bara Bhangal village, you can take shepherd’s paths before reaching the snow, moraine and ice of the Thamser pass perched at 4750 meters above sea level. And to end this trekking in style, we suggest you take the road to McLeod Ganj, the famous house of the Dalai Lama… Note that this trek requires endurance and a minimum of experience since it crosses two passes at almost 5000 meters altitude.

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