Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach Talks About Some Of The Most Beautiful Places in Saint Maarten

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Saint Maarten is a quaint, but perfectly delightful Caribbean gem. In fact, it is the smallest area of land in the world that is divided into two nations. The first half of the island is French, while the other is Dutch. People can easily plan a holiday to this island with Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach. After all, the idyllic island paradise of Saint Maarten has a number of beautiful and relaxing places to visit and explore.

Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach lists a few of the most relaxing and beautiful places at Saint Maarten

The tranquil hidden bays, vibrant beach bars, amazing nightlife, excellent shopping and charming white sandy beaches are some of the factors that make Saint Maarten a great holiday destination. There are many beautiful places to visit and explore here, such as:

Marigot Bay Port: The Marigot Bay Port is a delightfully picturesque place on Saint Maarten Island. It is the capital of the French side of the island. Here one can find a number of charming local houses that feature the gingerbread-like architecture of the Caribbean. People can catch excellent views of Fort St. Louis from Marigot Bay Port, and even choose to on an excursion up to the fort if they feel adventurous enough. This port also has many bistros serving lip-smacking delicacies that tourists are sure to enjoy.

Maho Beach: Exploring its beautiful beaches is one of the best things to do the Saint Maarten Island. Maho Beach is a gorgeous picturesque stretch of coastline located on the Dutch side of the island. It allows tourists to bask in the warm waters and sandy shores of the Caribbean. However, the key attraction of this beach is not its sand or sea, but actually the jet spotting opportunity. This beach lies just next to Princess Juliana International Airport. From here, people get right up to the final approach of an aircraft and watch them land on the runway.

Front Street and Old Street, Philipsburg: Philipsburg is the main town on the Dutch side of the island. This town is nestled between the Great Salt Pond and the Great Bay, and hence provides some stunning views of the water. Front Street is the key shopping district of the town. Here people can get amazing deals on China, jewelry, and local liquor. People can also find the much popular Coliseum Princess Casino at the Front Street. Tourists looking for a less bustling and quainter shopping experience can visit the Old Street instead. This wonderful district is a home to many bistros, shops, and provides plenty of photo opportunities to the tourists.

Orient Bay Beach: This is among the nicest beaches on the French side of Saint Maarten. It provides beautiful turquoise waters and sand, and is especially popular for its lively nature. This beach has a number of shops, restaurants and bars. Tourists can visit the Orient Bay beach, and have a fun time at its shores, while enjoying its bohemian vibe.

Going on a trip to Saint Maarten with the assistance of Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach can help people make memories of a lifetime, as they visit all the destinations mentioned above and a lot more.

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