Where to eat Where to have a drink in Jodhpur.?

drink in Jodhpur

To eat in India, there are always  2 options  :  eat in the street or eat in the restaurants of guesthouses and hotels . The latter most often have a pleasant terrace at the end of the day.

1. First option: eat in the street

Jodhpur is not the dirtiest city in India but not the cleanest either. From the first steps in the city, you are confronted with different smells, from the most subtle to the most unpleasant.

In India, for street food, it’s always the same story. You can taste the food prepared in the street but beware of the possible health consequences. If you still want to try the experiment,  locate the places where Indian families eat and prefer fried food if possible,  even if it is better to also monitor the state of the oil. Flies are not absent from Jodhpur.

The property is  in a great location just 5 mins from the clock tower and 10 mins from the fort which is very convenient. Many travelers meet here to share their experiences in India but also and above all for dinner, why not on the terrace in the evening . And in addition, up there,  the view of the fort of Jodhpur is just incredible , the opportunity to take very beautiful photos.

During the day, you can take advantage of the small tree-lined courtyard on the ground floor or take shelter in the air-conditioned floors  to have a snack, drink a chai or more. Wifi  is available and free  on all floors of the establishment. Another positive point,  the manager speaks French , which can help if needed. He also knows Jodhpur very well.

After the introductions, let’s talk a little about cooking. We advise you to  try the different Indian dishes  offered on the menu and why not a thali, an assortment of different flavors brought together on a meal plate. We have eaten there several times and all the dishes are equal. Don’t forget to accompany your dishes with chapati and/or rice.

Establishment again very well located between the fort and the place of the clock. The family that has been running the establishment for 2 years now and who welcomed us is really very friendly. The children participate in the service.

We stayed in this guesthouse which is located a few minutes from the fort and the clock tower on foot.

So, the atmosphere is really friendly . There are 12 rooms, soon to be 16, of very different standards. As a result, on the budget side, there is something for almost everyone.

We recommend the room which is located at the very top of the hotel because it allows you to enjoy a magnificent view of the whole city and you are quiet there. No noise while the tumult of the surrounding streets is very close. Good plan.

Wifi is available and free. The breakfast (not included in the price of the room) is excellent and not expensive. In high season, it is also possible to eat on the terrace. Hot water and air conditioning in all rooms.

The family also owns the Café Restaurant Jhankar described above. So they are known to everyone. The rooms are between 400 Rp and 2000 Rp per night, or between 5 and 25 euros approximately.

Check the offers and  book your room at Blue House Jodhpur

Anil Sunrise Guesthouse

The establishment was taken over 2 years ago by the current owners. They are not businessmen and have therefore had difficulty in making themselves known until now, even though the rooms are equivalent to those of our first address. Question budget, prices vary between 300 INR and 1800 INR. It all depends on the services you want.

Ideal for families  as it is one of the few establishments and perhaps the only one in the area to offer  a swimming pool . This establishment is  ideally located below the fort in peace . You couldn’t be closer to the fort and at the same time you are only  a few minutes from the clock tower .

Very clean, all the rooms we visited are  spacious and very clean .

We were made very welcome by the staff. The establishment offers good Indian and international dishes in its restaurant. For example, the chicken burger that we tested is not exceptional but will be perfectly suitable for children.

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