10 tips for successful camping.?

successful camping

Camping is the star of French holidays. With 7,800 campsites spread across France, France has the second largest park in the world.

Sometimes organizing your vacation can be a real headache. The Watteo team offers you 10 camping tips and tricks to make your holidays a success!

1 – Plan everything in advance

Being a perfectionist is never a wrong step and a successful camping trip hinges on thorough planning. Just as Tanzania Safari Packages offer adventure along with comfort, your preparations should be as seamless too. Write down your budget, expectations, and desires, envisioning an outdoor experience to remember. With careful planning, you can put together a trip that lines up with your needs and aspirations,much like the Tanzania Safari Packages that create notable journeys in the wilderness.

By far the most important step! Plan everything, everything, everything!

Writing on paper or digitally allows you to organize your thoughts effectively. Take the opportunity to define a budget, your expectations and your desires, then find the shoe that suits you.

2 – Le budget

Once you have your expectations written down, and your budget in mind, it’s time to match the numbers!

We recommend that you write down every potential cost of your stay, whether it’s location, food, excursions, whatever comes to mind! If you have several options, budget for them separately as well. The goal here is to find the best option within your budget limit while making the right compromise.

This step is very important because it can highlight more profitable alternative solutions!

3 – Traveler reviews

Consumer opinions are to be taken into account

Nowadays it is easy to find traveler reviews for almost any leisure establishment. Take the time to read them! The overall rating can give you a good overall idea of ​​a campsite’s reputation. However, we also advise you to read the latest comments because they will give you a more precise idea of ​​the perception of travelers on their recent stay.

Watteo also advises you to focus on mixed reviews. Indeed, glowing reviews often do not provide any evidence, and very negative ratings may only be the result of the bad luck of travelers at a specific time.

Finally, even if Google and TripAdvisor among others offer the most opinions, it would be sensible to look for comments on forums and sites specializing in camping. Although fewer in number, these reviews are often of better quality.

4 – Travel

Here again a very important point to take into account! Your means of transport will have a big impact on your budget and your carbon footprint.

Accessibility to campgrounds can be tricky by public transit, but note that many will offer a shuttle system to the nearest town. The train or the bus are thus always possible. For a large family, however, the private vehicle will remain the best option.

Here there are not really bad choices to make, your budget and your comfort are the only arguments to take into account during your camping trip. Indeed, even if you travel in a vehicle with a high carbon footprint, you can always leave it aside during your holidays in favor of walking or rental bikes!

5 – Comfort

Tent and sleeping bag or comfortable mobile home?

Camping is becoming more and more comfortable. No need to carry your equipment, simply choose the offer that best suits your budget and your expectations.

However, remember to take with you sleeping bags, groundsheets, pillows, duvets, everything that can improve your sleep, even for the most luxurious camping options. And don’t forget a headlamp for your nocturnal escapades.

6 – Food

Choose local producersAt table ! A good meal is essential. After all, we are the country of gastronomy!

Find out in advance about local artisans, producers and restaurants around your campsite. Also remember to take dry and freeze-dried products with you. Saving valuable space for your hikes.

The quality of the local water is a criterion to take into consideration. Indeed the quality of tap water varies greatly from one region to another and may require you to drink bottled spring water.

 offer to take care of your children. Day and night activities will ensure an unforgettable stay for your children.

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