2 tips and tricks for successful camping cooking.?

successful camping cooking

The campsite is one of the most popular tourist accommodations in France. It combines friendliness, good humor and security. However, whether you are a novice or a regular, camping cooking can be a real headache if you lack organization. How to cook? What to cook? Discover our practical advice.

Having a camping stove is essential

The stove is an essential camping accessory. It is used to cook food and boil water .

What type of stove to choose for camping?

It is important to choose a good model in order to take full advantage of its benefits . You can choose one:

multi-fuel stove.

The gas stove is light, reliable and easy to use. It offers very precise flame adjustment and high efficiency. It is ideal for a small family or a solo trip, as it takes up very little space and is inexpensive. You can thus easily buy a camping stove for your outdoor activities with a budget ranging from around 25 to 100 euros. In some places, it is sometimes difficult to find a gas cartridge suitable for your stove. It is therefore recommended to choose a stove that uses the international standard such as those of the MSR, Primus, Optimus and Robens brands.

The multi-fuel stove can be used with gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and kerosene. These fuels have the advantage of being found almost everywhere. This type of model is ideal for expeditions in the high mountains and in the polar region, as it adapts to all climates . However, it requires a lot of attention and can be more expensive to buy. Plan a budget of at least 170 euros.

The wood stove has the advantage of using an abundant and free natural resource. It is therefore more ecological and economical . However, the wooden kitchen being messy, it can only be used outdoors. It is useless in regions where there is a lack of wood (desert, snowy areas, high mountains, etc.).

camping kitchen

Essential stove accessories

In order to take full advantage of your camping stove, it is important to provide certain spare and maintenance accessories. These small items may not be included when purchasing the stove. You will need the following items:

Preparation, the key to eating well when camping

The success of camping cooking cannot be improvised. It goes through menu planning . You also need to have all the necessary equipment. A practical tip is to prepare certain dishes before you leave. Recipes such as bolognese sauce, jams, madeleines, cakes and dressings for salads are perfect.

It is also necessary to provide spices to season the dishes and awaken the taste buds. The spice reserve can consist of salt, broth, dried herbs, pepper and paprika. To this reserve, you can also add foods such as brown rice , dried fruit, pasta, olive oil… What you will eat while camping will not be limited only to fast foods and grilled meats.

Finally, the cooler is one of the essential equipment when camping. It keeps food fresh and increases the life of the most perishable. It also protects meals from animals and insects. Don’t forget the pots, cutting boards, colander, frying pan, dish towel and basic utensils.

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